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When it comes finding first rate standards of cleaning services for rugs and carpets, you have already found the one locally-based cleaning firm in Islington N1 area of London. Our company is consisted only from teams of trained professionals: cleaners; call center staff; drivers; technicians; quality inspectors. Either they have rich experience in the clenaing nich or they have pass a deep extensive training. Not only our workers are able to combat the toughest of stains, but they can help with protective measures such as Scotchgard carpet treatments too!

Full Range of Rug Cleaning and Maintanence

Our Islington Rug Cleaners Are Performing a Procedure in Nine Steps

  • Our cleaners shall arrive at your door step at designated time by you, having with them all the tools and proper cleaning shampoos
  • They shall empty your room from all fittings and furniture, to give the cleaners enough space to clean.
  • A stronger stain remover they will apply onto more hard-to-remove stains or blemishes
  • Our employees firstly will clean the rugs of yours with a shampoo, before with vacuum cleaner
  • Depending on material of the rug, the team of cleaners will decide if deep cleaning can be applied by injecting shampoo deep between the fibres
  • If the rug's fibres are suitable, our cleaners shall apply a Scotchgard protective layer onto it
  • The next stage is to rake the fibres of your carpet, in order to help it dry
  • Then the staff will return your furniture back to their places and shall add layers of foil to protect contamination at contact points.
  • Before leaving, we will provide you with protective overshoes – designed to keep your drying carpets free from contamination. Drying typically takes three-four hours, and can be improved by leaving a window open.

In addition to leaving your rugs completely cleaned and in mint condition, our top priorities are to leave you with the final results, even without a single notice from you. If you indeed need fast and reliable cleaning help, just take a sneak peak at our customer service skills, provided from some of our loyal clients and former ones as well.

When the day come that you had enough of cleaning, you may call us at any time of day and night. You need to book a cleaner at 3 a.m. in the morning for next day afternoon? No problem! Here is our number, 020 3404 5626. Our phone-lines are open 24/7, and when call you shall be answered by a company's representative ready to get you through the whole procedure and explain everything about all of our questions. Moreover, you'll may demand for personalized quote over the phone or even get a free quote, just by filling out our on-line form. Get in touch now, and find out how much we'll be able to save you on a rug cleaning service in Islington

In This Area We Provide The Following Services:

You can expect from our workers only professionalism and dedication in achieving the best possible results for.

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Taking Care of Oriental and Persian Rugs

The people owning Oriental authentic rug knows the importance of the proper care and cleaning. Often the true admirers of such rugs , especially with long history that came from the far east, know how to apply proper cleaning, but still every now and then they demand for expert rug cleaning. Many specialist working in cleaning company are well trained to handle the most delicate fabric and know how to preserve its integrity.

Often referred as Persian kilim, the oriental rugs are highly evaluated when they are not made from machines, but from a human hand. Their variations in colours, patterns and dyes are wide. Also the fabrics used in their making range enormously. Knowing these facts, the cleaning industry realized that it must implement more advanced and precise technologies in the way that cleaning machines operate, in order to protect the very fabric of a Persian rug.

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